Lemon Water Diet

Losing weight is a hard task to manage and takes serious will power and inner strength. There are lemonwaterpillendless diets to try and ways to try to shed those pounds, but which is right for you? Which will fit easily into your life and actually work? After decades of research, there’s a weight loss method that has survived a very long time. Although it wasn’t originally for weight loss, the Lemon Water Diet was actually used first in 1747 as a preventative measure against Scurvy. Scurvy is a disease caused when your body is lacking Vitamin C, and shut your body down debilitating you. Over the years there have been many versions of this diet. Lemon Water is much like a cleansing diet. The concept of removing toxins from your body by cleansing with lemon juice in water.

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The “How To” is easy, simply start by drinking the Lemon Juice and Water for 24 hours to detoxify your body. Then follow the diet plan, and drink 8-10 glasses of Lemon Juice and Water daily. Making sure to follow the diet and exercise plan is very important if you want to shed the weight. The specialized mixture in the Lemon Juice Diet include Cayenne, Maple Syrup, and dietLemons. Although a special diet is suggested, The Lemon Water Diet allows you to resume your regular diet and meals after the first 24 hour detoxification.

lemonwaterThe benefits of the Lemon Diet are astounding, and the results even better!
Here are just a few of the benefits to the Lemon Water Diet

  • For some it helps to kick nasty habits such as caffeine and coffee.
  • Helps to keep you calm and on and even keel, when you are put under stress, your mind and body are affected dramatically! Vitamin C is one of the first things to be depleted.
  • Get rid of that cough, warm lemon water helps to get rid of chest infections and clear up chronic coughs.
  • Freshen your breath, and relieve tooth pain and gingivitis.
  • Clears up skin and helps to decrease blemishes and wrinkles.
  • Helps the digestive system and so much more. When trying to find which diet is right for you, this pretty much speaks for itself! With so many positive effects and great qualities, the lemon water diet is a no brainier.

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